Installation Prerequisites

Synergy CONTROL 3.0 is only compatible with Synergy JOIN 4.0 and above.

Synergy CONTROL 2.2 is compatible with Synergy JOIN 3.0 and 3.2

Windows Server Software

Operating System Additional Features Required
Operating System: Windows Server 2008 r2 64 bit (or newer) Microsoft .NET Core 2.x

Windows Server hardware

4 Cores 8 GB 20 GB

Device Support

Software Version
Cisco Meeting Server 2.4
Pexip Infinity 19
Synergy JOIN 3.0

Supported Internet Browsers

Software Version
Google Chrome 65.0.3325
Mozilla Firefox 61.01

For the best experience with CONTROL, we recommend using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browsers. All newer versions of internet browsers should also work.

Network requirements

Source Destination Protocol Port (TCP unless otherwise stated) Description

HTTP(S)/80,443 TCP Synergy SKY License Management

HTTP(S)/80,443 TCP Software Upgrades
JOIN CONTROL HTTP(S)/80,443 TCP Retrieve meeting data from Synergy JOIN
Pexip Infinity CONTROL HTTPS, 443 TCP Retrieving call data from the MCU
Cisco Meeting Server CONTROL HTTPS, 443 TCP Retrieving call data from the MCU


There are some limitations in Pexip Infinity and Cisco Meeting Server itself when it comes to active meeting controls. Some of these limitations are overcome by the integration of Synergy JOIN (if integration is conducted) but direct controls related to participants are still dependent on API possibilities of the supported technologies.

Technology Mute/Unmute Microphone Mute/ Unmute Video Mute/ Unmute Sound Disconnect Participant Meeting Locking
Pexip Infinity Yes No No Yes Yes
Cisco Meeting Server Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes (1.)

(1.) In order to get Meeting Locking working properly on CISCO systems it necessary to distinguish between host and guest calls to a VMR (or co-space). It is important to setup “guest” and “host” accounts where for a guest the 'needsActivation' parameter has to be set. Refer to the Cisco CMS documentation for more information on how to set this


(2.) If you are going to be using Synergy CONTROL alongside Synergy JOIN, the server that has got Synergy JOIN installed should not have the IIS service running or installed. By default, the Synergy JOIN API runs on port 443 and if your IIS server is using port 443 for another website, the Synergy JOIN API will not be able to communicate with Synergy CONTROL.