Synergy MANAGE 5.0 Release Notes


There are a couple of significant changes introduced in 5.0. All details are listed below, but the most important items that customers should be aware of are

  • The user interface has been refreshed across Web Admin, Provisioning Portal and Password Reset portal
  • The branding has changed slightly so upgrading to version 5.0 may require customers to make a few changes post-upgrade
  • Once customers are upgraded to version 5.0, they will be able to perform upgrade themselves

New features and improvements in 5.0

Feature Type Description
All Portals: Updated user interface All web portals have been updated with a new look and feel. This has not change the functionality, only the way the pages look.
All Portals: Updated branding The way branding works has been changed to go along with the update of the user interface. It has been simplified, but this does mean customers may experience changes when they upgrade to the latest version. Details of how the branding has been changed can be found in the administration guide.
Web Admin: New dashboard

There is a new dashboard which allows users more control over the information they see and also gives the user the power to change the layout to suit their needs.

The old/classic dashboard is still available for those who prefer the original functionality.

Meeting Portal: Multiple attempts to dial out to endpoints at the start of a meeting It is possible to configure the system to dial out multiple times if the endpoint doesn't connect on the first attempt.
Meeting Portal: Conference number in all tabs The conference number is now displayed in all the tabs.
Scheduling Service: Extra logging added The scheduling service will how output comprehensive logs to help troubleshoot problems.
Diagnostic Tool: Extra info added

Show details of backlogs which can help highlight problems.

General: Self-updating Once customers have version 5.0 of Synergy MANAGE, they will be able to upgrade themselves. Full instructions are included in the administration guide

Resolved issues in 5.0

Bug ID Description
643 Web Admin: Dashboard items turn red
731 Web Admin: Ad hoc Conferences report crashes with too much data
758 Web Admin: Concierge options in Scheduling Template are shown when concierge zone is not ticked
682 Provisioning: Error messages not handed properly
693 Provisioning: Services created in "Advanced Mode" to not always prevent editing
712 Provisioning: Editing "Advanced Mode" services not working
683 Provisioning: Emails sent when Apply Config Template To Entities is pressed
660 Billing: Not working as expected due to exceptions being thrown
689 Billing: ISDN calls to VMRs created by Meeting Portal are not billed
493 Meeting Portal: Provisioning VMRs fails due to lack of CMS tenant
625 Meeting Portal: Session timeouts didn’t match other portals
652 Meeting Portal: VMR access methods scope set to public
655 Meeting Portal: Conference Id was not visible for standard users
661 Meeting Portal: activeWhenEmpty=false is added when creating outbound calls
690 Meeting Portal: Meetings donæt provision for all recurring meeting booked in a different DST
699 Meeting Portal: End of meeting message not shown if there is no host pin
700 Meeting Portal: Errors due to JavaScript errors
702 Meeting Portal: Invite participant doesn’t work
703 Meeting Portal: Can’t edit meeting when the Welcome Service box is ticked
705 Meeting Portal: Booking on behalf of users with no scheduling template causes errors
720 Meeting Portal: Invites are set to GMT Standard Time
757 Meeting Portal: Editing a meeting can cause an error
759 Meeting Portal: Set default timezone to GMT Standard
766 Meeting Portal: Cancel events do not work in Outlook
680 Conference Control: No groups visible
718 Harvesting: Harvest service doesn’t support TLS 1.2