Synergy of Things

Synergy of Things is a bundle of all Synergy SKY products and utilizes Internet of Things (IoT) to optimize your everyday meeting room and video conference experience. Through the intelligent integration of Synergy JOIN, Synergy CONTROL and Synergy ANALYZE , the outcome is an innovative and more efficient way to handle all meetings. A meeting can be in-person, audio, video or web. It can be moved around or canceled. Synergy of Things takes care of every step, optimizes your resources and gives your management the insight they need.

Synergy of Things leverages data gathered from calendars, sensors, endpoints and MCU's to improve the meeting experience in a new and intelligent way



You can read more about the Synergy of Things solution on our web page, and download the product sheet here.

The video below explains how Synergy of Things can be used in an end-to-end scenario: